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Baby Care

At Starting small we take babies from 4 – 14 months.  Our highly trained staff nurture and mind these babies while also encouraging their developing skills to unfold. Babies are fed with food specially prepared in our purpose built kitchen. Babies are cuddled and given lots of love in our nursery setting. Language is encouraged constantly in the nursery as staff talk to and encourage speech from the early 'babbling' stage.




In our Wobblers Room children are still on the learning path, learning to walk, talk and socialise. This is a fairly large room allowing children lots of room to move about. There is lots of equipment suitable for this age group enabling them again to learn through play and steady themselves on their journey towards mobility.



In our Toddler Room there are a number of activities available to the children, such as painting, colouring, water play, sand play and art & crafts as well as much much more. Although these activites are always in operation if the children are not in the form to take part they are not forced to do so. Free play is often as important to the developing child as structured play.



Our playschool is a place for children 3 to 4 years to play, learn and grow at their own pace in a safe, nurturing environment. Here the children prepare for school while still learning through play. Each of the children's developmental skills are encouraged in this room. These skills include physical, intellectual, language, emotional and social skills and as much work as possible is done with the children in order to promote these skills.


Children in our Montessori  are encouraged to explore, investigate and fulfill their natural curiosity about the world around them. Under the careful guidance of our certified Montessori teacher, children develop at their own pace and learn that school can be an unending adventure - one that inspires a lifetime of discovery.

The first few years of your child's life are crucial to the development of personality and intellect. This is a period during which learning takes place at an accelerated speed. In our Montessori we provide the sense of security and loving care that toddlers need to thrive during this stage of intense learning.



Our afterschool clubs for junior infants to sixth class aims to provide a safe, happy, stimulating environment for your child while you are working. We collect your children from school, encourage them to do their homework, give them a healthy dinner and allow them to express themselves through creative activities or play.  We have large outdoor facilities for the children to play on dry days and a large indoor play area for those wet winter days. We also facilitate ballet, Irish dancing classes, speech & drama.